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New Handbook for Compliant Mechanisms Published by CMR Professors and Alumni

Mechanical Engineering professors Larry Howell and Spencer Magleby, along with Brian Olsen, a former student who now works at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, have recently edited an exciting new resource for engineers entitled, Handbook of Compliant Mechanisms.

In this handbook published by John Wiley & Sons, Howell, Magleby and Olsen have gathered knowledge and insight from engineers all over the world to create a comprehensive guide to the unique advantages of using compliant mechanisms in engineering and design. The first half of the book is dedicated to design, while the second half provides a picture glossary of compliant mechanisms and their various applications. The book is intended to be used by working designers and engineers.

More specifically, Amazon describes the handbook as “A broad compilation of compliant mechanisms to give inspiration and guidance to those interested in using compliant mechanisms in their designs . . . [that] comprises an extensive categorization of devices that can be used to help readers identify compliant mechanisms related to their application. It also provides chapters on the basic background in compliant mechanisms, the categories of compliant mechanisms, and an example of how the Compendium can be used to facilitate compliant mechanism design.”

Because compliant mechanisms are relatively new players in the world of devices, this handbook will provide device designers with a much needed “first-of-its-kind” guidebook to assist them in their work. The book is currently available for purchase through Wiley’s website and will be released on Amazon March 25th, 2013.