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Professor Yan Chen Visits CMR Research Group

Professor Yan Chen, researcher in advanced mechanisms and robotics, visited BYU's compliant mechanisms research group in November 2013.

The Compliant Mechanisms Research group hosted the visit of Prof. Yan Chen to Brigham Young University. While visiting, Professor Chen presented a seminar on her research in rigid origami and deployable structures. During her week stay, she also interacted with individual researchers in mechanical engineering, mathematics, and industrial design. Dr. Chen is a professor at Tianjin University and was previously at Nanyang Technological University. She received her PhD degree from Oxford University in the U.K. In Tianjin, she was part of the Center for Advanced Mechanisms and Robotics, an innovative China-UK project. She is also the founder of the Motion Structure Laboratory (MLS) at Tianjin University, where she works with other researching professors, Ph.D. students, master students, and undergraduate students. Their research focuses on deployable structures, reconfigurable mechanisms, rigid origami, and other structures. She is the coauthor of the monograph “Motion Structures” and has published extensively in the leading international journals in the field.