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If you're attempting to make an acrylic charm as a present for someone unique, there are a few things you need to understand. Firstly, you need to recognize that acrylic charms are made from strong, clear acrylic. If you're utilizing Clip Workshop Paint, you'll require to choose a photo that has CMYK color space. Keep in mind that very saturated colors will certainly appear dull when converted to CMYK. You can likewise get double-board acrylic charms. These charms have 2 layers of acrylic. The single-board variety has a smooth back side and a distinctive side. For double-board charms, you'll require to buy them directly from Alibaba manufacturers. If you wish to print on both sides of the acrylic, you can select in between solitary and also dual board charms. For a more personalized charm, you can choose the double-board alternative. If you're developing an acrylic charm yourself, you'll need to make use of double-sided printing. If you want the print to be opaque on both sides, you can upgrade to a double-sided version. To make sure your artwork will certainly look great on both sides, you can try printing it on a single-sided board. {But this is not advised for acrylic charms constructed from timber or frosted acrylic. Instead, you ought to think about purchasing a double-sided charm to stay clear of any type of difficulty. You ought to always make use of a double-sided print if you desire the print to be opaque. For clear acrylic charms, you'll want a 15-pixel silhouette. For other materials, you can upgrade to a double-sided charm. To obtain double-sided printing on white, frozen or wood charms, you can choose the "double-white" alternative. This will make your art work appear double-sided on both sides. If you want to make an acrylic charm with a double-sided print, you need to follow a few easy regulations. You require to ensure that the photo is big enough to suit the print. You can utilize a clear charm if you wish to make use of a double-sided printing technique. If you're using a CMYK print, you require to use a CMYK TIFF. For the best high quality, you should send a file that has a CMYK JPG or PSD. If you're publishing acrylic charms on non-clear products, you should utilize a single-sided print. To do this, just ensure the artwork you're utilizing overlaps the "Art work A" as well as the "White" layers. If you have two-sided charms, you must see to it that the white ink is positioned in the middle of the image layer. This will ensure that the layout is clear on both sides. Besides making use of a double-sided print, acrylic charms can be made with a single-sided print. To make the most of this, you'll require a single-sided print with a single-sided design. A frozen charm has a frosted backside and will certainly require double-sided printing. The two-sided print will not show up on both sides. For that reason, you'll need to guarantee that the art work is tantamount on both sides. To make an acrylic charm with a single-sided print, you require to have a 0.05" cut opening. A photo cut right into an acrylic charm will certainly be identical from the various other, so it's necessary to make the layout look sharp and eye-catching. You can also include a customized design to your acrylic charms by using the "add-on" option. This allows you to produce a custom-made style by adding your own artwork. The other alternative for making acrylic charms is to add a 2nd shade. You can choose in between a matte or glossy coating. A gloss or matte coating will provide your charm a matte appearance. You can also pick a matte or glossy finish. You can likewise select a double-sided print. If you aren't pleased with the transparency of the charms, you can likewise include a personalized style. You can even make use of a picture of yourself or your loved one and also have it printed on the charm. An additional choice for acrylic charms is to make them on your own. If you're a photographer, you can utilize your photographs to make an acrylic charm. The procedure is easy and also you'll have the ability to market them as a souvenir. However, you ought to bear in mind that the procedure will need some practice as well as perseverance. If you're not sure just how to make one, then you can purchase one from an online shop. A good way to start is to develop a sketch.