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Hair Extensions Technology 2022

The Hair Cold Clip innovationby Houston hair extensions experts is not normal for some otherNew age of augmentations without hotness, power or ultrasound.

The framework to append the tips is just mechanical. The Hair Cold Clip has been intended to lessen the work and make it simpler in the salon.

What is Hair Cold Clip innovation ?

The Hair Cold Clip innovation comprises of a hypoallergenic metal cinch in an extremely female chrome pink gold or a more manly carbon dark.

It adds hair expansions with a unique Hair Cold Clip tip.

The Hair Cold Clip all the while places 5 expansion strands without hotness, paste or ultrasound, by pressure alone.

You will observe a wide decision of hair extensions conceals, 50 in absolute that permit you to work the tones top to bottom and play with subtleties.

Hair Cold Clip hair is REMY HAIR affirmed from Ukraine, Malaysia, India and China. Very soon from Brazil for more wavy looks!

The Hair Cold Clip benefits

Regardless of whether setting or eliminating, the Hair Cold Clip innovation is surprising! 40 minutes to put 200g of hair and 25 minutes to eliminate it… That's right, only 25 minutes! Not any more battling with keratin stick focuses or cements.

Likewise, the Hair Cold Clip hair extensions tips are the littlest available today at simply 2mm thick, ideal for wearing expansions cautiously.

Their more modest size makes them substantially more agreeable for the scalp.


The augmentations are utilized to add length, yet additionally thickness and subtlety for a featured or cleared outcome.

Our augmentations are accessible in 5 lengths:

> 18 inch (45 cm)

> 20 inch (50 cm)

> 22 inch (55 cm)

> 24 inch (60 cm)

Extraordinary length on demand:

> 30 inches (76 cm)

Augmentations can be left in for 3 to 5 months later hair development and expansion support.


Extremely quick without harming the hair. The rule is straightforward. Simply break the tip with our little evacuation pliers to deliver the hair expansion. You can reuse these equivalent expansions. Anyway a "reuse" readiness is vital. This is impossible that very day as the expulsion. This is exceptionally valuable since it is prudent to allow the hair to rest no less than ten days later expulsion… which isn't constantly regarded.


The main decide is that your customers deal with them like their own hair!

> Wash them two times every week

> Veil one time each week, the remainder of the time utilize a conditioner

> Unravel them in the wake of washing with the Hair Cold Clip brush. Start with the tip while holding the augmentations along the length

> Allow them to air dry or utilize a thermo defensive shower on the off chance that blow drying

> At evening time, meshing is prescribed to restrict erosion on the cushion. Utilize a silk pad case to restrict harm.

The little upkeep extra: prescribe the CIC BEAUTY Brush to your clients. They will actually want to hydrate their hair through the nano dispersion of a hyaluronic corrosive serum and renew whenever!

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